President Obama Supports Gay Marriage [Breaking News]


In an interview with Robin Robert’s our President decided to let the world know that he is pro gay marriage in the US. I’m not sure what this does for his campaign for a second term as CEO of the United States but it sure tells us a little bit more about the character of our President.

Its been a long time coming where us Americans have the chance to witness this kind of change right before our eyes. Its wasn’t too long ago that African-Americans were granted the right to vote and now gays can legally marry. You can now honestly say that the US is truly the “land of the free.”

Does Obama making this statement mean now that he’ll work diligently to pass same sex laws in all states or is it just a ploy to heighten his approval rating and capture more votes. We may never know but I sure the hell think its dope! We now like in a society where the President (who happens to be black) can legitimately say whatever the fuck he wants and not be stoned for doing so. I like that he can give his opinion regardless of the relevance.

Maybe that’s the next the thing, saying what you want and not getting fired or sentenced or beat for it. Opinions Rock!!! Equality Rocks!! Obama Rocks!!! America Rocks!!


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