Sneakerheads Go Crazy In Harlem For Yeezy 2 Tickets

On Wednesday, June 7th the sneaker world was crazy. Already stores had long lines and big crowds but little did they know they weren’t getting the Air Yeezy 2’s. In Harlem, the exclusive sneaker store Atmos tweeted that they would definitely have the sneaker in stock. To avoid people rushing the store they implemented a ticket program. This process stated that tickets to guarantee a purchase of the Yeezy 2 would be given out at a random location. This location will not be the store. To retrieve this information you would have to follow Atmos on twitter and wait till they tweeted that information. This was supposed to make the whole process easier.



At around 12:30 the infamous tweet was sent out and people rushed toward the location. This is where the commotion started. Atmosphere made the mistake of only having one security guard on post to cover one man who was essentially holding over $10,000 in tickets. So like the angry mob that the crowd was; when they saw that there weren’t going to be enough tickets for the amount of people, they proceeded to rush the “ticket man” who then fled the scene and went to the authorities. Im not saying that Atmos had a bad idea, I just think they executed it badly. Out of how many ever tickets they had Atmos later tweeted that 22 people received a ticket and then they went on to apologize for the way they handled the situation. I guess at the end of the day its just a sneaker. A part of fashion that has added value to it because of the name attached. We must think what does it mean when a society has to put rules in place just to purchase a sneaker, besides it wad June 7th when this happened and it was only for tickets. Lets see what happens when the sneaker is actually released on June 9th.


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