Frank Ocean Responds Says He Got Jumped And Cant Perform At Grammy’s

Frank Ocean

After reports came out last night that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had got into an altercation, later Frank Ocean went to his Twitter to say he got jumped and that he suffered a cut finger that will disable him from performming at the Grammy’s in 2 weeks. Honestly I think he’ll be fine but im not sure the best move was to go to twitter to say how you got jumped. We previously reported that Frank had approched Chris by sayin this is my studio and this is my parking lot. Now were told that Mr. Ocean said Rihanna was a hoe and then all hell broke loose. Not sure if this is true or not but like always we will keep you updated. Check out Frank’s tweets below.


Its sad to see that drama follows Chris wherever he goes but lets look on the bright side, its good to see that Chris has stepped up in class from hitting women to hitting gays. Next it should be a title bout with a real man. Just hope he didnt say any gay remarks while whooping Frank’s ass (no pun) because there might be a lawsuit brewing.

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2 Responses to “Frank Ocean Responds Says He Got Jumped And Cant Perform At Grammy’s”

  1. Frank isn’t a ”real man”?

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