New Talent Of The Week: David Pinks (Inspirational Hip Hop/R&B Artist)

David Pinks

With the love, lust, and money sucking up more and more people everyday, the road to righteousness doesn’t get any easier. Fortunately, people like David Pinks have hope. David is a young artist who produces as well as sings. Like many of the rappers or R&B singers that you see today, Mr. Pinks too sings about riches, and money, women, and clubs, but not the way you may think. Its David’s clever way of changing the lyrics of Rihanna’s Pour It Up song and switching around Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge Me or even writing his own words to his own beats and titling the song I Do It. Yes it’s a club banger or maybe a church banger but its intended to make us listen to righteous music the same way we listen to ratchet music. David knows all too well that the people want inspirational music that doesn’t sound like gospel or preaching or church music but music we can vibe to and dance to and still be uplifted. Take a listen as David Pinks gives you his message in a modern way. You be the judge. Below are a couple of songs that will appear on his upcoming mixtape entitled God, Love , & Lust coming soon. #BOOM @DAVIDPINKS


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