Derrick Rose Now Listed As Day To Day On Bulls Roster [Breaking News]

Derrick Rose

According to sources at ESPN Chicago, coach Tom Thibodeau has inserted Derreck Rose as Day-To-Day in the Chicago Bulls roster. As basketball fans we all know what that means. Coach went on to say,

“It’s day-to-day. Day-to-day. So whenever he’s ready, he’s ready. We just want him to continue to improve, focus on his rehab, and then when he’s ready to go we’ll all know. Everyone has to remain patient.”

You know how these corespondents can get so Thibodeau went on to say,

“Whenever he’s ready, he’s ready. Nothing has changed for us. For our team, I want them to continue to concentrate on improvement and our opponent. And for Derrick I want him to continue to concentrate on his rehab.”

“We’re 60 games into this now, so I think going into the season we had a lot of question marks. I think we have more answers now. We figured out, I think, who we are. We’re headed down the stretch, we’ve got to continue to improve and then we’ll go from there.”

With that said other news states that they want him to get at least 10-15mins of playing time before the playoffs start. Like I said Im not for Rose coming back this season but if they feel a championship is in the cards the so be it. It will be the story of the year. For Full Story Click Here


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