Chris Brown Screams FUCK Drake During Nightclub Performance

Damn Chris. This time imma blame it on the goose or maybe even the molly because in the same night where you were seen screaming on valet parker he is now spotted at Hollywood’s Emerson Theatre screaming FUCK Drake. According to sources, Breezy mighta made the DJ mad by calling her a “woman DJ” which ended with her being facetious and playing “Started From The Bottom” a Drake song. If you don’t know, the Drake and Chris beef goes back a long way. Anyway while the song is being played Chris grabs the mic and says, “The DJ can play this s–t, but I want you all to know, F–k Drake!”  Then all is well and Chris’ performance starts. Message to Chris: stay of the sauce. Check the whole story on HIP HOP WIRED here.

Did You See This: Chris Brown Screams At Valet

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