Kendrick Lamar Voted #1 Hottest MC In The Game By MTV (I DISAGREE)

In my best Kanye voice, “nothing against Kendrick BUT 2 Chainz had a better year. Im just sayin’.” Don’t be alarmed yall, its just my opinion. Seeping into 2012 already a lil hot from his Spend It track, debuting a #1 album that is currently gold, having multiple hit singles, almost making the list last year, signing to GOOD Music, appearing on the 2 Broke Girls TV show, and much more, this is clearly the highlights of a more impactful year. I understand that Kendrick had a great year also but I think his time is just better suited for next year. I also understand that people were pulled back into hip hop with his classic album, but Based On A TRU Story got us thru the year dancing and had every club rocking world wide. I not going to go on a Kanye rant about this but Damn. People actully listen to the lies MTV tells and this clearly is a fib. Please don’t confuse my opposing opinion for hate on Kendrick. If any was to beat out 2 Chainz it should be him, so with this accomplishment I applaud Mr. Kendrick Lamar.


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