How You Feel: Trinidad James’ Girlfriend Is White

Just look at the pics that surfaced today. It appears that Trinidad james is cuddled up next to a snow bunny and yeah imma start the rumor that he’s hitting that, which makes it his girlfriend, LMAO! So now I pose the question to you readers,

How do you feel about James screaming NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA in his hit single, but not dating a “NIGGA” and choosing a white girl instead?

By the way, she’s badd and thick as shit. Check below for more pics


7 Responses to “How You Feel: Trinidad James’ Girlfriend Is White”

  1. Who gives a shit? He’s an embarrassment anyway!

  2. […] BMF artist Tabius Tate. Mr. Tate shows you how to have a good time, party, drank, and make out with white girls all in one video. […]

  3. I’m not embarrassed of Trinidad James, more embarrassed of this blog, who gives a damn if he wants to date, phuck, or whatever with a white girl..I could care less, I only clicked the blog to see how many dumbass comments it would have, Trinidad James music might not have a good message, but the message in this blog is even worse. Seems like the blog was meant to get people to hate on seems like all people wanna do, is try to bring someone else down, crabs in the barrell.

  4. Tod Woodbridge Says:

    this blog is a pile of shit, promoting racemixing smh

  5. why tha phuck yall haten on da damn man haten asses

  6. u think i give a phuck shes a phucking gold digger brah, and that guy is a phukin joke, we download for free his music + we fap to her gf, jajaj they mad brahs

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