How You Feel: Drake Wearing DaDa Clothing

Drake dada 2

Not that Drake has to do much to stand out but in recent pics found online via my boxden homie TonyStarks21, Drake seems to be bringing back the oldschool gear and making it a hit now. In my opinion Im def a fan of those black own clothing companies. So bringing them back is nothing short of a mircle for the the owners and the designers. Can’t wait if its really happening. Now all we need is Mecca, Meoshe, Karl Kani, Enyche, Maurice Malone, FUBU, and Paco to comeback. Check pics below to see Drake in Dada.


2 Responses to “How You Feel: Drake Wearing DaDa Clothing”

  1. […] the past week some pictures of Drake filming his “No New Friends” video hit the net with him wearing an old school DaDa jumpsuit in a too cool ackward pose. Since then the […]

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