TONIGHT’S PODCAST EPISODE: The New Wave of Intimacy? Sexting, Snapchat, and the Sh*t in Between


In a generation of fleeting messages and drive by hellos, social media and phone apps are starting to replace some forms of intimacy and face time (no not the Apple product). In a span of a few years, millennials went from texting to sexting, late night creeping with a sexy trench coat on to an iPhone app called Snapchat. It’s as if convenience has replaced imagination. A note on your doorstep with the scent of Burberry perfume that you have to mail or a half naked picture that you can roll over and view in your bed…most of us have been there. The dichotomy is unreal so I’m choosing to go a little bit deeper. Pun intended. Join me as my guests break down their Intima-Tude (intimacy views) and the evolution of what I call pseudo-intimacy. Are you a Snapchatter or a late night creeper?

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