Jay-Z Announces New Album Magna Carta Holy Grail


July 4th Magna Carta Holy Grail

More news has hit the web saying that Jay-Z’s 12th Studio album will be available exclusively through the #MagnaCarta app which will be available on July 4. The 1st million downloads will only be avialable to samsung consumers of the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and the Note 2. The app will be available for download on June 24th then at 12:01am eastern time the app will unlock and the Jay-Z album will be ready to download. Now I know you’re asking free download or paid!!

5 Responses to “Jay-Z Announces New Album Magna Carta Holy Grail”

  1. […] going to make things easy and say the intro which is Picasso Baby. From the first time I saw the original MCHG commercial during game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals I knew I wanted hear that song. The small clip that was […]

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