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DJ Khaled – Shining ft. Beyonce & JAY Z

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And just as the Grammy’s ended, DJ Khaled dropped this fun up-tempo song, featuring the two heavyweights in their respective genres, Shining, exclusively through TIDAL.

Download Here: DJ Khaled – Shining ft. Beyonce & JAY Z || Audiomack || iTunes || Tidal || Spotify

Beyonce – Drunk In Love ft. Jay-Z [New Music]

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As the Beyonce songs roll in we now get the feature with her husband HOV. Need I say more. YES! Here she and him talk about there love but while they are drunk. Gets a lil graphic but hey Its love. take a listen to the song below and check out a preview of the vid. ENJOY!

[DOWNLOAD HERE] Beyonce – Drunk In Love ft. Jay-Z
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Drake – Pound Cake ft. Jay-Z / Paris Morton Music 2 [New Music]

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As Drake’s new album hits the net as we speak, I’m going to give you all the track you’ve been waiting for. Yes the one with Hov. I would say its sad that thses classic albums get leaked but im starting to think that the labels are behind these so called leaks. Anyway here is that track Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2.

[DOWNLOAD HERE] Drake – Pound Cake ft. Jay-Z / Paris Morton Music 2

What’s Your Favorite Track Off Of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail?

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Now that you’ve got a chance to download the MCHG Samsung App, download the album, steal the album, pirate the album, listen to the album, or even buy the official hard copy, we want to ask you what your favorite track is.

To give you a lil help, after listening to the album numerous amount of times, I think I have to go with Heaven. Nuff said!! Well F.U.T.W. a close 2nd then FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt, SomewhereInAmerica, then Crown.

The Breakfast Club Interviews Jay-Z [Video]

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Jay-Z Interview With The Breakfast Club

Yesterday Hot 97, today Power 105. All in all its been a big 2 days for hip hop. Jay-Z talks about signing Lil Wayne, fatherhood, Dame Dash, being a sports agent, beef, rap as a sport, and more. Check Out Charlamange The GOD, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy probe the GOD rap in 4 parts!! Check paerts 2-4 below. Continue reading

Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Download

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Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Artwork

It’s Tuesday and with Jay-Z already selling 1 million digital albums and with another 325,000 to be sold in stores during the 1st week, I’m sure he wont mind this being available on the net.

[DOWNLOAD HERE] Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Download || Alt. Link || iTunes || Amazon || Stream

Jay-Z Receives Platinum Plaque For Magna Carta Holy Grail Album

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Jay-Z Receives Platinum Plaque For Magna Carta Holy Grail Album

In what is already a record breaking album as far as marketing and sales is concerned, Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z, today received his platinum plaque for an album that just hit store shelves today. Jay-Z is definitely creating those new rules he aforementioned in his Samsung commercials. This Magna Carta Holy Grail album marks the 1st time a Hip-Hop album has gone platinum before its even packaged and shipped. Its also marks the 1st rap album since Lil Wayne’s Carter III, to reach the platinum status in the 1st week. More records are def going to be shattered. I might make a list of all those. CONGRATS TO HOV! Continue reading

Jay-Z Interview With Angie Martinez On Hot 97 [Video]

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It’s been years since Jay-Z made an appearance on any NY based radio show, but today Hot 97 has the exclusive interview to hit the net. Angie Martinez does the honors of introducing the God MC to the airways again. In a lil more than 30 minutes of Q&A listen to Jay touch on his album, ROCNation, The Inauguration, Dame Dash, and more.

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Jay-Z Releases Producer Credits For Magna Carta Holy Grail

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Like I said before, the marketing behind Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail is impeccable this time around. Day by day Hov has released video, lyrics or some type of paraphernalia pertaining to the album. Today we get a treat. As everyone downloads the MCHG app and takes in the infromational track shorts I introduce to you the official Production Credits. We all know Pharrell, Timbo, Swizz, and Rubin bubt who else has landed their name on this already legendary album? After the read more link check out those Producer Credits. Just to let you know…. ahhh nevermind. Continue reading

QUESTION: What Songs Are We Most Hyped To Hear From Magna Carta Holy Grail

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The tracklist has been issued as well as the official features, now its time for us to salivate over what tracks we definitely want to hear of this make history album titled Magna Carta Holy Grail

To start things off, I’m going to make things easy and say the intro which is Picasso Baby. From the first time I saw the original MCHG commercial during game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals I knew I wanted hear that song. The small clip that was previewed with Jay-Z saying, “I Just want a Picasso” had me hooked and yearning for more. That and not hearing Hov spit that straight fire since “Watch The Throne” I was like… Continue reading

Jay-Z Breaks Down Jay-Z Blue Track Off Of Magna Carta Holy Grail [Video]

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Jay-Z Blue

This guy is really talented. For those of you who ever thought Jay-Z had a writer or he was stealing other rappers’ rhymes then these videos should  prove you wrong. In the video below Jay-Z breaks down his lyrics for the Jay-Z Blue track that is set to appear on his Magna Carta Holy album due out July 4th. He gives his fans an in depth look on how his father leaving at an early age has effected him and his ability to raise a daughter. He explains his fears among other things. Check the vid below for Hov’s words.

Jay-Z Releases Tracklist and Features For Magna Carta Holy Grail

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Today Jay-Z went on to release the official tracklist along with the features that will appear on Magna Carter Holy Grail. We were all hoping for just an album of pure Hova barz but I guess some favors had to be shelled out. So the features are as follows, the wifey Beyonce gets a feature by default, Justin Timberlake has to return the favor for Suit & Tie, Frank Ocean for No Church In The Wild, and of course Ricky Rozay. WAIT! Rozay? Why Rozay! I guess for 3 Kings. Those are all the features but did you peep out the 15 tracks. I feel like rappers haven’t put that many tracks on an album in years. Be sure to purchase your copy of Magna Carter Holy Grail on July 4th but in the meantime wait for the leaks to hit the net. Fot those of you who have those Samsung devices get your album sooner thru the Magna Carta App. Anyway check out the official tracklisting below.
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Jay-Z Releases New Magna Carta Holy Grail Samsung Commercial (One To Money)

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With the Magna Carta app already available, Samsung consumers are patiently waiting for the 4th. In the mean time Jay puts out another installment of his Holy Grail commercials. This one featuring Timbaland introducing HOV to some ne beats. Watch “One To Many”

Jay-Z’s Track Listing Revealed for Magna Carta Holy Grail

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jay-z magna carta


The hype continues to grow around Jay-Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. This past weekend, Roc Nation did a scavenger hunt, which inevitably revealed the track listing for the long awaited album. His publicist, Jana Fleishman, instagrammed pictures of locations she would be waiting with books containing the song titles.

It’s been four years since The Blueprint 3 dropped but being the business that he is, Jay has dabbled in a little bit of everything from bringng the Nets to Brooklyn to selling off his minority stake in the team to becoming a certified NBA and MLB agent under Roc Nation Sports.

Having the world at attention with this new Samsung deal, we now know that the mobile company purchased one million albums that will be available to through Samsung Galaxy users via an app. The track listing didn’t reveal any features but it’s Jay. We’re pretty sure he doesn’t need any. Check out the listing below courtesy of Billboard.

Magna Carta Holy Grail Tracklisting:

1. Picasso Baby
2. Heaven
3. Versus
4. Tom Ford
5. Beach Is Better
6. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
7. Oceans
8. F.U.T.W.
09. Part II (On The Run)
10. BBC
11. La Familia
12. Jay-Z Blue
13. Nickles & Dimes
14. Holy Grail (Bonus Track)
15. Open Letter (Bonus Track)

Jay-Z Announces New Album Magna Carta Holy Grail

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July 4th Magna Carta Holy Grail

More news has hit the web saying that Jay-Z’s 12th Studio album will be available exclusively through the #MagnaCarta app which will be available on July 4. The 1st million downloads will only be avialable to samsung consumers of the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and the Note 2. The app will be available for download on June 24th then at 12:01am eastern time the app will unlock and the Jay-Z album will be ready to download. Now I know you’re asking free download or paid!!

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