February is Black History Month

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Throughout the Month of February STA=Speak to All will be posting all things, people, and places depicting everything African American (Black) History, past and present, so stay tuned.


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The Month of June is Pride month, when the LGBT communities host events and parades celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex culture.  These events also at times serve as demonstrations for legal rights such as same-sex marriage. Most pride events occur annually, and in June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, a pivotal moment in modern LGBT social movements.  For more information visit the official NYC Pride 2018 website

February is “Black History Month”

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February 2018 marks the 92nd anniversary of Black History Month and for the next 28 days, America will be challenged to contemplate the global and national journey and achievements of its African-descended residents.

Black History Month began as “Negro History Week,” which was created in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, a noted African American historian, scholar, educator, and publisher. It became a month-long celebration in 1976…



June; Black Music Month

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June is the official celebration of African American Music an annual celebration of African-American music in the United States.  initiated as Black Music Month by Former President Jimmy Carter who, on June 7th, 1979, decreed that June would be the month to celebrate Black Music.  Thank You Mr. Jimmy Carter. 



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On this day, the forth principle of Kwanzaa ask yourself, How did you express the forth principle, through out the year? Was you effective, can you improve, and how will you continue to  incorporate the 4th principle in the coming year?kwanzaaujamaa1


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Kwanzaa: is observed from December 26th through January 1st. its focus is to pay tribute to the rich cultural roots of People of the African Diaspora.

Though first inspired by African-Americans, many of African descent celebrate this occasion today. Its reach has grown to include all whose roots are in the Motherland. Its’ concept is neither religious nor political, but is rooted strongly in a cultural awareness. This is not a substitute for Christmas; however, gifts may be exchanged with the principles of Nguzo Saba always in mind. Gifts are given to reinforce personal growth and achievement which benefits the collective community.



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Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer, generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., January 17, 1942 in Louisville Kentucky, began training when he was 12 years old. At the age of 22, he won the world heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston in 1964. Shortly afterwards, Clay converted to Islam, changed his “slave” name to Ali, and gave a message of racial pride for African Americans and resistance to white domination.

Muhammad Ali an iconic figure during the 20th century, not only in the boxing profession, but as an activist for African American Civil rights.  Muhammad Ali was truly the Greatest.

Happy New Year

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To all my Speak To All fans that have continue to support the Speak To All blog,  may the new year bring you all your hearts desires.  Invite your friends , family and neighbors to the Speak to All blog for the latest news on music, art , Events, History, and all things Black (African American).

President Obama Speaks at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial

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Hear the remarks of President Obama as he delivers an amazing speech at the National Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Just Amazing (click on the link below)

President Obama Speaks at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial



Paying Homage to Nelson Mandela

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1454839_10100768285736524_1749214478_nPresident Jacob Zuma of South Africa has announced a 10 day period of mourning following the death of Nelson Mandela.


December 8th 2013:  South Africa will hold a national day of prayer and reflection

December 9th: The South African houses of parliament will be recalled from recess for a special session to honor Nelson Mandela

December 10th: A public memorial service will be held at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa

December 11th – December 13th: Nelson Mandela’s body will lie in state at the Union Building in Pretoria, South Africa and during this time memorials will be held around the world including Washington D.C.

December 14th: Nelson Mandela’s body will be flown to the town of Mthatha, where it will be driven through the streets of his childhood village of Qunu, South Africa

December 15th: Nelson Mandela will be buried during a state funeral in Qunu

the speak to all blog would like to thank the New York Daily News for the proposed schedule of the Nelson Mandela Memorial Serives


Remembering Nelson Mandela

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nelson-mandela“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Remembering Mandela

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nelson-mandela-quotes-4Nelson Mandela the father of South Africa will always be in our heart s

Nelson Mandela July 18th 1918-December 4th 2013

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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela a South African Born July 18th 1918 to the chief of the Thembu people, known as the father of South Africa an icon of anti-apartheid, revolutionist and politician who served as the first black president of South Africa from 1994-1999 after serving 27 years in prison for fighting racist white rule, died Thursday December 4th 2013 at the age of 95

In 1994 at the age of 46 Nelson Mandela and seven others were found guilty of sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the government of South Africa, and are sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island.

On February 11th, 1990 at the age of 71 Nelson Mandela is released from prison, Nelson Mandela is elected president of the ANC (African National Congress) the majority party in the South African Government.  The remaining apartheid laws are repealed and international sanctions are lifted 

In the year of 1994 Mandela is inaugurated as South Africa’s first black president. In the year of 1999 Mandela retires after one term as president and hands power to Thabo Mbeki; however Nelson Mandela then turns his attention to peacemaking in other parts of Africa and the world and fighting AIDS.

For nearly seven decades Nelson Mandela spent fighting for freedom and equality. Nelson Mandela inspired and challenged the world to stand up for others. As word of Mandela’s death spread people around the world as well as the people of South Africa reacted with deep sadness at the loss who all consider the father of South Africa. While we mourn, this is also a time to celebrate the achievements of the anti-apartheid leader who emerged from prison to become South Africa’s first black president.

Nelson Mandela

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The nation has just learn about the death of Nelson Mandela.  Our prayers go out to his family, friends, South Africa, and all those who loved him dearly.  Throughout the month of December  Speak To All  will post a mini bio of Nelson Mandela’s life, his quotes, and pictures of this great man.

We Remember Hal Jackson

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Hal Jackson, a veteran broadcaster who broke down racial barriers, becoming one of the first black disc jockeys to reach a large white audience and an omnipresent voice on New York City radio for more than 50 years, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 96.

His death was announced by WBLS (107.5 FM), the New York station where he continued to host a weekly program until a few weeks before his death.

Mr. Jackson, whose eclectic musical taste and laid-back manner helped define black radio, began his career in the late 1930s, when it was a challenge for a black announcer just to get a foot in the door.

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