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Is Yik Yak The Next Big App? (The Yik Yak Takeover)

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If it wasn’t for my brother who is still in college I would have never known about this app. See Yik Yak was made for college students, and those college students who are in close proximity to eachother. However the Yik Yak GODS have managed non college students to still do his or her thing. Its all about GPS.

So Yik Yak in a nutshell is a way to send messages anonymously to whoever is on the app. The catch is that only the people in your area (haven’t figured out the exact mile radius yet) can see your messages. For instance, if I attend NYU and I happen to be on 14th st. in Union Square and I send a message through Yik Yak all those people in that area (say from 14th st. to 59th st.) can see my text. Inversely, the people at Harvard U can’t see my message unless that message becomes extremely popular and makes the top Yaks page where all those Yak’s are visible but still unable to be up voted or down voted.

Oh heavens, I just said alot that you probably know nothing about. So here,

A Yak is an anonymous thought, in text form, from you, that posts to the Yik Yak feed. Kinda like twitter, well exactly like twitter, because everyone can see it, well everyone in that mysterious radius, so “kinda” like twitter.

This is getting really technical.

An up vote is like a like on Instagram. we all want likes. Inversely, a down vote is like a dislike on Facebook. The only difference is that it’s like the +- method. If I get 20 votes total votes, let’s say 10 up votes and 10 down votes I’ll end up with a score of 0 for that Yak. Oh yeah don’t get too many down votes because they’ll delete your tweet from the feed. Ooops I meant yak.

I think that’s all I have for now. be back when I find out more info.

Side Note. I was in NY when I started using the app. It was so intense, people were yakking like crazy. I’m now in Atlanta where the Yaks are far away and spaced out. I guess it hasn’t swept to the south just yet.

Here’s a video I found that can maybe give you some more insight. YIK YAK EXPLAINED

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